• Principal Investigator

Xintao Liu
Assistant Professor

Joseph Chow
Associate Professor
(New York University)

  • Postdoc Fellow

Fengyuan Zhang

Jialyu He

  • PhD Students

Jacob, ZHANG Junwei

Zijian Guo

Xinyu Gong

Penny, Ningyezi Peng

Minglei Liao

Martin, Zidong Yu

Yunjuan Sun

Ketong Shen

Ying Na

  • Research Assistants

Kai Wing Tai

Christine SUEN
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  • Past Students

Ahmad Senousi

Pengxiang Zhao
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Jianwei Huang

Xinyu Yu

Ziwei Lin

Rui Zhao

  • Graduated MSc Students
Name Dissertation Title Year
NG Kei Yin The application of GIS in Complaint Management System of Lands Administration 2020
LI Wensi Research on Spatiotemporal Patterns of COVID-19 and Transmission Factors in China 2020
CHAU King Fung Urban Design and Morphology for Active Ageing: Modelling Spatial influence on Wellbeing in Double-ageing Communities - Case Study of Two Neighbourhoods in Hong Kong 2020
ZHAO Rui Simulation and Analysis of Wildfire Using CNN-LSTM Model 2020
ZHAO Haofan Inferring Semantic Areas of Tourism City Using Social Media Check-ins and Environment Data 2020
WU Yuting Characterizing and assessment of spatial patterns of parking spaces in Shenzhen, China 2020
LAM Pui Sai A Multi-Criteria Evaluation Model for Urban Redevelopment in Hong Kong 2019
WU Jiawei Exploring dynamic measurement of Transit-oriented Development (TOD) using Smart Card Data in Beijing, China 2019
GAO He An Empirical Analysis of Unequal Accessibility of Medical Service Using Smart Card Data 2019
LU Zhe Inferring Behavioral Patterns of Tourists Using Wi-Fi in Macau 2019
ZHANG Yixuan An Empirical Analysis of Ride-Sharing Behavior Using DiDi GPS Trajectory in Wuhan, China 2019
ZHEN Kaixin Characterizing urban village using Tencent Heatmap and POI data in Shenzhen, China 2019
ZOU Chengchang Movement Pattern Analysis in 3D Space on Campus Using Space Syntax and Wi-fi Data 2019
GUO Zijian Modelling Activity Space Using Travel Big Data 2018
AU YANG Wai Yee Mobile GIS Application Development: Cycling Route Evaluation and Visualization in Hong Kong 2018
CHEN Xiaoyu An Empirical Analysis of Commuting Behaviour in Urban Central Area: A Case Study in Shenzhen, China 2018
HO Chun Chau Estimation on the Travel Demand in Hong Kong Through the Searching Records of the Mobile App HKe-Transport 2018
LIU Yi Intelligent Prediction of Urban Traffic Demand Using Neural Network 2018
XIE Yuqi Estimating Bus Passenger Flow Using One-entrance-ticket Big Data for Navigating Vulnerable Groups 2018
ZHANG Zhen Spatial and Semantic Analysis of Takeaway Food Service Based on Customer Reviews - A Case Study in Beijing, China 2017
BI Han Spatiotemporal Analysis of Urban Livability Using "Online Merge Offline" Data: A Case Study in Hong Kong 2017
HUANG Xiaoxi Towards a Better Understanding Of Taxi Drivers' Behaviour Patterns and Operational Models 2017
JI Xixi From Indoor To Outdoor in 3D Space: A New Perspective of Spacy Syntax 2017
LYU Yuxin An Optimization Study Of Urban Renewal Mode: A Case Study In Shunde, China 2016
WONG Ka Ho A GIS Approach to Studying the Factors Affecting Human Trajectory Behaviour 2016